Inducing Fluency: Whispering

Many persons who stutter experience that they can speak (nearly) fluently under certain conditions. For example, when whispering, stuttering can be dratstically reduced (80% on average). Joris Castermans and his team use this phenomenon to develop Whispp: an app that converts whispers into one’s own and natural voice without delay.

Calling Whispered – No Cure

Without lag, the person on the other side of the line perceives the natural voice of the speaker (thus not realizing that the speaker is actually whispering). This makes it possible for persons who stutter to have a relaxed (and mostly fluent) conversation on the phone. However, Whispp is not intended as a ‘cure’ to never stutter again. It is a tool that persons who stutter can use in situations where it helps and feels good to them. It is the motivation of Joris and his team to make the lives of people who stutter a little easier and more fun.

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